What is content writing ?

Tired of staying up at home not knowing what to do ? Guess what guys , you can up your skill set by simply using your laptop and internet connection. Be a content writer !

Content writing provides the education and instruction that customers and clients need before they get serious about spending money. When they reach out to your sales reps , they already have much of the information they need ro make decisions.

Why Content writing ?

Blogs , websites , newspapers , magazines,ecommerce portals and myraid other sources of information require content.

In Brief , content is information. People read a blog , visit a webiste , buy newspapers and magazines to get this information. Because it helps them lead a better life and help avoid dangers , Hence it is clearly important why everyone should know content writing! It creates a wider reach.

Content writing boosts creativity.

In the current pandemic situation we have lost touch with the outter world. Staying at home often hinders creativity and leads to a writer’s block ! Who likes isolation? Quite depressing during these tough times!

What we can do is invest our time in creative writing as it helps us to put interesting facts and figures and create content in a manner that the reader feels happy to read the article completely. Engaging in comments gives the reader and the writer a vent to their pent up emotions after being in isolation due to covid all the time! So write guys! Nothing can be more beneficial than putting up your thoughts on paper and also earning through it! Who doesn’t want to express themselves fully?!

pros and cons of content writing

Let’s look into the advantage and disadvantages of content writing !


  1. Flexible schedule – I can manage my workload much more efficiently because I’m not confined to a fixed, 9 – 5 schedule. I can work more on some days if I have to, and free up time to go out or do something else on other days. Working full-time with a company doesn’t allow me the same flexibility. I’ll have to use up my valuable leaves just to see a doctor or attend an event, leaving no room for a paid vacation (because a lot of companies in India have very limited paid time off).
  2. 2. Better income with minimal effort – I can work directly with overseas clients and remove the middle man, which means I make more money for the same amount of work (or less). Just this month, I’ve made almost twice as much money freelancing (not counting some pending payment) as I did when working full-time for an Indian company. And I did that working just 5 – 6 hours a day, while I was expected to log in for 8.5 hours each day at my previous company.
  3. Cons:
  4. 1. Uncertainties – The biggest and only con (for me) is the uncertainty of work, especially since I’ve only just started freelancing full time. Some months I may get more projects, while on other months I may not get enough assignments. But I don’t think this should be too much of a problem if I manage to get long-term clients who can give me consistent work, and if I continue to actively look for new projects.

Career opportunities in the field of content writing

The present pandemic situation ? No job ? Shift to freelancing! Technology has literally brought information at our fingertips and access to information has become way easier, being the reason why we Google every time we want to know about something. It is very clear that in order to make information reach a crowd of millions and billions of people, it has to appear on the internet. Years ago, content writing as a career was not something people would consider as a mainstream option for their careers. Even our education system very lately recognized it as a formal educational course but now that our world has advanced so much with the internet, awareness for content writing as a career option has increased tremendously.

As this has turned to be a major medium for presenting information, almost all industries or businesses are closely associated with content writing. This creates massive space and opportunities for content writers.

Every single blog, article, post, journal, and even advertisement is the result of someone making efforts to write an organized piece of content.

A career in content writing comes with a lot of responsibilities as one has to have a clear understanding of the depths of writing and how a variety of content is consumed by the readers.Depending upon the skills and experience, a career in content writing could be very smooth, but there are chances when a career in content writing could be precarious because of a lack of vision and understanding.There are numerous options for people trying to build their career in content writing. Every career option in content writing demands a different set of skills and an understanding of content writing.The basic requirement for one to pursue a career in content writing is having the ability to express ideas in words, a strong vocabulary, and a thorough understanding of the language they are going to write. Apart from these, qualification in literature or journalism would make it a little easier to grab opportunities quickly, but there is no such specific demand in terms of qualification for a career in content writing.

Why Is Proper Content Writing Important?

When most people hear “content writing”, they think “writing articles”.

However, writing content isn’t just important for blog posts.

In fact, content writing is important for all types of different content formats, including:

  • Video scripts
  • * Email newsletters
  • * Keynote speeches
  • * Social media posts
  • * Podcast titles
  • * White papers
  • * Web page copy
  • * Landing pages
  • * YouTube video descriptions
  • Or put another way:
  • Writing is the foundation for pretty much any content that you publish.



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