Getting through the pandemic safe.

The covid 19 pandemics has indeed given us a new meaning to our day-to-day life.

Previously we used to function monotonously without pondering over any self-growth or learning new skills, whereas the present pandemic situation has paved its way to many people harnessing their old skills or picking up something new. People generally tend to look at the brighter side of the situation or rather we are advised to look it that way. But it gets really difficult at times, doesn't it? What can we do to make us focus better? How to stop feeling unproductive and tired?

As the old saying goes, “ grass is always greener on the other side.”

It’s quite apt line for young adults hovering around in social media trying to be envious of their fellow mates living a better life than themselves.

Today in my blog post, I want to share certain ideas that might provide a stable ground to the raging minds in this unstable world of disease and anxiety.


1.Make a routine in the morning and follow it throughout the day.
2.Add precedence to the work that is piled up.
3.Begin with a good cup of tea.
4.Add breaks between your routine.
5.Acknowledge your little achievements.
6.Focus on self-growth, add a mood-enhancing air diffuser while studying.
7.Treat yourself after a productive study session.
8.Do some gardening!

Through these little changes in our lifestyle, we can focus better on our work and rewind de-stress a bit!


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1.Procrastinating unnecessarily.
2. Delaying your work in hand in order to take long breaks.
3. Not planning your day.
4. Not drinking enough water and starving yourself.
5. Spending too much time on social media.

So, make sure you do better because nothing can be compared to a good dopamine rush after you get your work done! As the old English proverb says-

“ An ideal mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Try these new lifestyle hacks to be more productive during the lockdown. If you liked my post please like and share your comment.

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