A short glimpse of my life feuds.

Picture by Rayani in my room. 2021
My mother and my aunt during Durga puja.
At Shaoni’s Birthday at her house. My highschool bestriend.
At Allen Park in Parkstreet. 2016.

Recently a few months back the place I was working from for months turned out to be a scam. It was a call centre job and I was promised 16k. Huge amount for me as I am a college student with taste. Not in people but in books, rains and good food.

At Starbucks after my first tattoo. 2020, December.

So here goes my personal agenda to make my parents read about the things, I really wanted them to know.

Photo by Jai Kishan Patel on Unsplash
“ Me being me”.(2018 )The picture was taken by Rayani. My neighbour, sister and rant partner.




Writing about life , culture , art and literature 🌙

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Aishi Chakraborty

Aishi Chakraborty

Writing about life , culture , art and literature 🌙

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