Science communication is that the observation of informing, educating, raising awareness of science-related topics, and increasing the sense of
wonder concerning scientific discoveries and arguments. Science
communicators and audiences area unit equivocally outlined and also the
expertise and level of science information vary with every cluster.



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What kind of emotion does this very word ignite in you? Difference?
Disability? Deformed? Well, stigmas around mental health have highly
affected the entire global workforce population. How many people
are unemployed after getting an excellent degree from a reputed
school and college? Such a form of frustration may lead to low self-esteem…

What is content writing ?

Tired of staying up at home not knowing what to do ? Guess what guys , you can up your skill set by simply using your laptop and internet connection. Be a content writer !

Content writing provides the education and instruction that customers and…

In the introduction of the book ” Living a Feminist Life,” Sara Ahmed speaks about the concept of feminism. It holds no stagnant barrier it flows like water, alluding to the fact that feminism differs changes from person to person. It depends on one’s personal experience in their work or…

The covid 19 pandemics has indeed given us a new meaning to our day-to-day life.

Previously we used to function monotonously without pondering over any self-growth or learning new skills, whereas the present pandemic situation has paved its way to many people harnessing their old skills or picking up something…

Euthanasia is a term that has been globally misinterpreted and has been the subject of many social and psychological studies. Today for this blog post , I have attempted to look at Euthanasia or mercy killing through the lens of religion. The word Euthanasia originates from Greece. According to Philosopher…

From a feminist perspective.

Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation by Hans Memling (taken from -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthly_Vanity_and_Divine_Salvation_(Memling))

While the tradition of painting became more secular , and artists explored the various themes of paintings lead to the tradition of nude art. Nude form of art was popular in European countries , but is in sharp contrast to the non European art traditions. In Indian art , African…

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